Help needed

Writing a blog on your own is fine, but writing along with other people who are interested in other subjects and have different views is even better. So if you would like to share your thoughts, your reading or even your research on this blog you are most welcome! Come and join the few, the proud, the economic historians.


3 Responses to Help needed

  1. Rich says:

    Hey There:

    From the looks of it, I’d say that you’re doing a damn good job!

    PS are you still in Morocco? I hate 4-day weekends; everything is closed!

  2. ronanlyons says:

    Thanks for the invite – have lots of thoughts on what to contribute, and will have more time over the summer to actually go about making the contribution!

    Starting to sneak economic history in, bit by bit, though… trade intensity comparison of 1920-1940 with 1990-2010:

  3. Manuel A. Bautista González says:

    Hey, I might help you with some topics of Latin America economic history. Just contact me and we’ll get to know how I might contribute to your blog.
    UNAM, Mexico City

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