News from the web

A mailing list devoted to economic history created by the dreaded dandy of the field Guillaume Daudin: h i s t o i r e _ e c o @ c r u . f r

An article about Robert Allen’s new book on the Industrial Revolutio on voxeu (via Oxonomics; other interesting posts from that blog here, here and here).

A couple of older good posts I wanted to point at for a while  from the humiliatingly constantly brilliant Rebecca Wilder (here and here).

And finally some silliness from xkcd: one here, another here, etc, etc..


2 Responses to News from the web

  1. Thanks for the advertisement !

    Two precisions : the list is actually about Economic History in or around France. Most posts are in French. All welcome, obviously.

    I am only the temporary guardian of the list (with Claire Lemercier). The list is owned by the AFHE (Association Française d’Histoire Économique).

  2. Ben says:

    Duely noted

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