This Week in Economic History (June 8-14th, 2009)

On Monday begins a conference on Euro-Pop: The Consumption and Production of a European Popular Culture in the 20th Century in the German-Italian Centre Villa Vigoni, at Lake Como, Italy. You can contact Patrick Merziger ( or Klaus Nathaus ( if you are interested. This conference will last till Thursday.

On Tuesday, there will be a Workshop on Monetary Policy, interest rate rules and the functioning of the Money Market at Université Paris Dauphine. You can contact Rebeca Gomez Betancourt ( if you need more information on it.

On Wednesday begins the Conference on Neo-Schumpeterian Economics 09: An Agenda for the 21st Century in Třešť, Czech Republic. You can visit their website here.

On Thursday begins the Business History Conference and European Economic History Association joint annual meeting, on Fashions: Business Practices in Historical Perspective, at Bocconi University, in Milan, Italy. Also on Thursday begins the XXVIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. LASA 2009 Rethinking inequalities, will be held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it will host sessions on Agrarian and Rural Issues, Cities, Planning and Social Services, Development and Regional Alternatives, Economics and Development, Histories and Historiographies.LASA 2009 will end on Sunday.

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