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According to the New York Times, faced with the competition of such luminaries as Feminist studies and Chicano studies (racial history is in my opinion an insult to intelligence… anyway) only 32% of US colleges offered classes of economic history in 2005, down from 52% in 1975. Oddly enough it is argued that economic hstory doesn’t represent enough the oppressed classes of society while on the countrary EH is one of the rare fields in social sciences where every one is given a chance to matter as much as Ceasar or Napoleon. Depressing.

The Enlightened Economist has something about Robert Allen’s book.

Meanwhile a debate about the roots of the present crisis is going on and creating some seriously interesting articles in the process: Krugman starts by saying that Reagan did it, Robert Schher answers that he didn’t (in the Nation of all places),  and William Greider agrees (with Robert Scheer). At the same time Krugman starts another fight, he opposes Niall Ferguson views on inflation, to which Ferguson answers and FT columnist Gideon Rachman presents himself as the referee of this economist v. historian match.

More next time…


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  1. Manuel says:

    You might actually like this piece by Eric Zitzewitz, Professor of Economics at Darmouth College. From his analysis one can conclude that Krugman is right…


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