Web shopping

Acemoglu et al. on how the French invasions during the Revolutionary and  Napoleonic Wars induced later economic growth in the regions invaded (via Oxonomics).

Krugman on being called Malthusian.

A good page on the Second Serfdom on Answers.com.

The (long, long, long) biography of Juan de Mariana by Jesus Huerta de Soto.

And finally a summit of libertarians in Salamanca devoted to the famed university considered by these people as the ‘Birthplace of Economic Theory’. Political biais aside, it looks like an interesting event, unfortunately those idiots think people can go to the the western fringes of Castilla in the middle of a work week…

2 Responses to Web shopping

  1. Sarah Couto says:

    Idiots? You’re very kind professor Guilbert.

  2. Ben says:

    Well you have to admits it’s frustrating, couldn’t they have organized that during around Christmas or in the summer when people do take time off?

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