Art Diamond has something about how the average American is now better off than Julius Caesar.

Originally from Delong piece on how Fitzwilliam Darcy, by nowadays standards, wasn’t that rich after all.

VOX EU has a piece by Nico Voigtländer (who should really change his profile picture) and H.-J. Voth on Malthusian forces and the rise of the West.

D. Drezner has a (not very original but interesting anyhow) list of the 10 best books about Economic History. Interestingly it is very (very) oriented towards modern stuff, even totally contemporary and the West (specially the US).

Scott Summer has a good post on his blog the Money Illusion on “what if” the US parted and became 50 independent states? (via oxo)

John Ferejohn and Frances Rosenbluth have a good paper, that Oxonomics wittily called the “political economy of ninja“.

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