I don’t have access to any meaningful internet connection for a little while so very light blogging. However in conjunction with the absolutely fantastic article of Marc Flandreau et al. summarized below (by far the best I’ve read on the matter so far, sorry Oscar) I’d like to add a few links about early bubbles:

Harvard University has been digitilizing tens of images related to the South Sea Bubble. It is really worth checking out this site, if anything because they have beautiful and hilarious illustrations (here an article summing up the matter).

Harvard has also put online two books about the matter: one by Cole Arthur and one by John Sperling.

The great blog BibliOdyssey also has several engravings coming from the collection know as the Great Mirror of Folly.

Of course the Cato Institute also has an article on the matter.

Our dear friend Andrea Matranga also has an unfinished paper on the Tulipmania.

That’s all for now but more to come

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