More on US public debt

Here’s an impressive infographic by the Chicago Tribune, on the national debt of the United States, 1940-2010.

Found via Visualizing Economics.

2 Responses to More on US public debt

  1. Dave Parker says:

    It’s not that impressive. Actually it looks a complete mess hastily flung together to fill up some space. It tells us the debt’s big – well no sh*t, Sherlock. But it offers about as much of the trumpeted “understanding” as a shot of a heap of dollar bills. Possibly on fire. Or being shovelled into a cement mixer (also possibly on fire) by a stereotypical high-spending bureaucrat or corporate plutocrat, depending on one’s political taste. Yes, it conveys about that much, minus the design flair. The key data aren’t even consistent between segments.

    Come on, you guys, get posting again. We miss the good stuff!

    • joan says:

      I agree. There are much better graphics at that web site that this re-post from the new York Times

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