There are many houses in the house of growth

Recently I was reminded of the distinction made by Joel Mokyr, in the Lever of Riches, between the four types of growth:

  1. The Solovian growth, after Robert Solow, which is driven by an increase of the saving rate leading to more investment and thus a jump of the production per unit of labor.
  2. The Smithian growth, after you know who, which is driven by the positive feedback between the gain from trade and division of labor (specialization).
  3. The Boserupian growth, after Ester Bosrup, when demographic expansion leads to positive size effects once some thresholds have been reach.
  4. The Schumpeterian growth, after Joseph Schumpeter, where an increase in the stock of knowledge applied to economic production leads to to the increase of the said production.

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2 Responses to There are many houses in the house of growth

  1. Seth says:

    Where does the Ramsey (1928) growth model fit in?

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