The bare necessities will come to you

… or then again maybe not.

Looking at that table, I wonder if the level beneath but close to 0.5 has any value as such, like minimum purchasing power necessary to survive. OK I should go through the paper, but really Robert Allen is seldom the funniest read ever.


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3 Responses to The bare necessities will come to you

  1. Guillaume Daudin says:

    For a number of countries, Bob Allen has also computed a “subsistence basket”. I suspect its relation with the respectable basket varies depending on the countries.

    Also, if I remember correctly, this is the wage of a breadwinner compared to the needs of a whole family.

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  3. susan lee says:

    hi ben — this has nothing to do with your recent post, but a discussion some time ago on usury in medieval era. i am trying to figure out whether the the popes lent at interest in the early medieval period when the church was a net lender. do you know any work on this?
    if yes, would you reply directly to my email?
    this is a GREAT blog. very very interesting.

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