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May 14, 2010

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Seminar “Past and present: from the Great Depression of the 20th  century to the Great Recession of the 21st century” Valencia, 13-14 May, 2010

Conference: ‘Distribution Networks for Textiles and Dress, c. 1700-1945’ (Wolverhampton, 8-9 sept. 2010)

Gide conference announcement (Paris, 27-29 May 2010)

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CFP – SIGCIS History of Computing Workshop (Tacoma, Oct 3 2010),  Deadline 1 July

UK HET conference 2010 (Kingston upon Thames, 16-17 September 2010)

RFP: Looking for cooperation (COST program  Monetary Unions)

British Group in Early American History Annual Conference (Oxford, 9–12 September, 2010)

Call for papers: EAEPE Conference 2010 Methodology of Economics Research Area

Call for Papers: Symposium: Economics made fun in the face of the economic crisis

Call for Chapter Proposals: World Forest History – A New Book Series

CALL FOR PAPERS – Towards a global history of the consumer co-operative movement

Third European Congress on World and Global History (London, 14-17 April 2011)

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September 21, 2009

Today, Chris [I couldn’t find his last name] at History of Economics Playground posted a note on a recent seminar in Duke University about Krugman’s article on the state of economics (mentioned here).

Speaking of Krugman, he wrote a small post on the history of contemporary macroeconomics. It’s worth reading if you already read the aforementioned article.

And here’s a Short History of Small Times in Wall Street by David Silver, former president of the Investment Company Institute (1977-1991), on the legality of the profits of reducing the time invested in buying and selling stocks.

On The Economist view of what the crisis means for economics

July 17, 2009
The meltdown of modern economic theory.

The meltdown of modern economic theory.

The Economist has published on its last edition three articles on the impact of the crisis on economics as a science. The first article is a general view on the matter, the second has to do with macroeconomic debates and the third on the state of financial economics.

I think that readers will find it interesting to read the reflection of The Economist’s writers on this issue. How is it that economics got into this impasse?

Here are some excerpts that I found interesting in each of the articles.

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This Week in Economic History (June 8-14th, 2009)

June 8, 2009

On Monday begins a conference on Euro-Pop: The Consumption and Production of a European Popular Culture in the 20th Century in the German-Italian Centre Villa Vigoni, at Lake Como, Italy. You can contact Patrick Merziger ( or Klaus Nathaus ( if you are interested. This conference will last till Thursday.

On Tuesday, there will be a Workshop on Monetary Policy, interest rate rules and the functioning of the Money Market at Université Paris Dauphine. You can contact Rebeca Gomez Betancourt ( if you need more information on it.

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