Who’s who in EH

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  1. EH says:

    Great website. But you’ve misspelled Leeson’s name. It should be Leeson not Lesson.

  2. dandablog says:

    I like your neat site. :)

    How did you get the RSS working?

    Mine at says “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.” Even though I have the widget entry as

    Please help!

  3. Ben says:

    You need to open the page under a format that accepts RSS and then return to your old one.

  4. DnA says:

    Hi Ben,

    Can you be clearer, perhaps by showing steps?


  5. Ben says:

    Sorry, it has been a busy week, I didn’t have much time to answer you.

    Basically what I did is that I clicked on “appearance”, there I’ve selected a theme that did have a RSS feed embedded. Then I’ve created a page RSS with a link to the feed. And finally, I went back to my original theme. Voila. You basically just need to trick the program.



  6. DnA says:

    Didn’t work for me. :(

    1 I clicked on appearance
    2 I choose MistyLook which has a RDD feed embedded
    3 I created a new page and named it RSS
    4 I added to the page. It said “page not found” when I clicked on it. I then tried changing the permalink to the url above. Same result and no RSS icon.
    My RSS page has the url “”
    So I tried the same as above with feed-2 at the end. No success.
    What am I missing, Ben?


  7. Kevin O’Rourke is missing and Findlay as well! Don’t know, maybe you would like to add them.

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