I don’t understand why exactly but I couldn’t get the usual icon () so I fought a few dragons, killed a few dark knights and kissed a few fair princesses and I came up with that, so that you can get your favorite blog directly on your Netvibes page or whatever else you are using:

The RSS feed for the Premodern Economic History Blog !!!

HIP!!! HIP!!!

hourrah… I guess

8 Responses to RSS

  1. mr numbers says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading the blog, really useful, thanks.

    Is there some way you can set the RSS so entire posts can be viewed on an iphone RSS app, rather than just the first few lines?

  2. Ben says:

    No I’m sorry. As I mentioned, I needed to trick the system to get the RSS. I’m seriously thinking about moving to Tumblr which doesn’t have all these restrictions.

  3. Send notices of new comments to:

    Thank you for fascinating discussion.

    Richard Melson

  4. Yannick says:

    Interesting blog! A good read: very exciting and stimulating. Thank you, I’ve subscribed.

    Cheers and regards

  5. would like to see a discussion of the emergence of a/the world economy in terms of Ronald Findlay, Arthur Lewis, Knick Harkey, et al.



  6. Hello,

    Would love to see discussion of the emergence of a world economy/world-economy and how this differs from the emergence of a world market…

    See germane essays on this by Ronald Findlay, Knick Harley, Arthur Lewis, Jeffrey Williamson.



  7. Ken says:

    Great find. Thanks. I love all econ history, but I will really drink the stuff on Venice. I am doing some research now into Egypt, maybe we could add that to your site.

  8. Jeremie says:

    hey ben,
    I wanted to let you know about our new blog at Bruegel but couldn’t find your email so here you go We have a recent post for economic historians

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